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PlayMobo is a robust one-of-a-kind super intuitive app coined by Magic Entertainment Software Inc. to bring a new dimension to mobile gaming which has been on a fly in the recent past.

Google Play Store is flooded with hundreds to thousands video games, yet, there has never been anything profound to help sift through the endless possibilities other than the subtle user reviews.

PlayMobo App

Well the struggling days are over, PlayMoboapp developers have built an insightful recommendations system to help you wade through the long list. But there is something else, probably weightier. They are giving you a chance to earn money!

People have a number of reasons for playing games, but of all,earning real cash is nowhere near the top.Now with PlayMoboapp you get an incredible chance to earn rewards, bizarrely, for playing your favorite games. Believe it or not, that is just a pinch of the benefits you get by having the app up and running on your Android smartphone.

In a nutshell, PlayMobo, apart from earning cash, gives you a platform to get the latest striking gaming news and learn about topnotch new entries. In there you also get the opportunity to interact and exchange views with people you share common ideas, your fellow enthusiasts. As if that is not enough, PlayMobogives you well researched gaming guides, reviews, updates and so on. Finally, by participating in special events you get the chance to earn bonuses.

The most captivating part of this deal is definitely the money aspect and so you got to be curious of how to get rolling. First of all, you must have PlayMobo app installed in your device, note that it’s an Android app, iPhone owners will have to look elsewhere for a similar treat. That said, there are two well-known routes to landing an Android app: download and install directly from the Google PlayStore or download an APK file from the internet.

Power the app and look for ‘Earn’ tab, this is where the deal lies. Under the button, the app has constantly flowing contests and giveaways that you participate in to earn points. Before then, you get a substantial amount of points for just installing any of the games. Then you bolster that number by earning more points through playing the game, and further accumulations for completing in-game tasks. After accruing enough stock you can now turn them to gift cards or points by redeeming the game points at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PayPal Cash or Steam.

PlayMoboextensive suite of tasks also covers all the news you need about gaming.You get to personalize your own news feed for breathtaking reviews, and informative broadcasts on both popular and upcoming titles. Things get even more interesting with the ‘follow’ ability which allows you to add your favorites to the lists so you never miss on latest news, updates, reviews and walkthroughs for these games as they unfold in real time.

If you are not a fun of PlayMobo highlighted games or you just can’t find your cup of tea among the PlayMobo editorial recommendations (by the way they send you five recommendations daily), they are open to lead you to the best third party apps with comprehensive game descriptions along with updates, reviews and guides. You also get to know about other PlayMobo users’ stance and thoughts about all third party games in the official Android galore through an integrated comment system that allows you to communicate with anyone on the platformaside from adding sleek social media streak to the app.

Download PlayMoboapp

Also featuring in PlayMobo is a handy ‘Newcomers’ tab. This is for all newbies who are anxious to kick start their mobile gaming expedition but have no clue of where to start from. With this tab you get a valuable lead encompassing the hottest cake in the gaming world.

Last but not least, PlayMobo also treats its users with benefits accruable from bounty monthly contests and events. By participating you not only earn the standard points but also in-game cash along with other rewards redeemable for gifts. Why not give it a spin!