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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game series in the world today that everyone, fan or not, must be well informed of the forthcoming GTA 6, the new installment in the applauded series.

The current title in the loved action-adventure series, GTA 5, will be celebrating its fourth anniversary this year having rolled out in 2013. Meaning fans have been playing the game for the past three years or so, which explains the hype behind the next sequel, GTA 6. Well, the series developer, Rockstar, has indeed confirmed the development of the game. However, no further information has been availed.

Grand Theft Auto 6

But then, GTA 5 is still a loved version and is played far and wide, perhaps, that’s why Rockstar does not want to subject its cash cow to an earlier death.The developer has continued stuffing GTA 5 Online version with more goodies.

Regardlessof all the work done to lure fans to continue playing GTA 5, especially the online version, fans are eager for a new challenge.

As always the case, avid gamers have taken to the web to speculate about the game’s launch date basing arguments on past facts and figures. And as it seems majority of the speculations seems to converge at 2020 as the most probable release date. A rumor linked to the fact that Sony’s PS5 will be launching in the same year. In fact, some reports furtherclaim that the Sony’s coming console in flagship hardware line could come with GTA 6 as its launch game.

Looking back at how Grand Theft Auto 5 launched back then, this group of enthusiasts center their arguments on the fact that the title launched at the same time as PS4. However, keener and deeper look suggests otherwise. These avid gamers seems to forget that GTA 5 did not come the same time as PS4 but rather launched few months before the arrival of both PS4 and Xbox One. As it sounds, Rockstar capitalizes on both the consoles thwarting the idea of tying up the GTA 6 to PS5.

With that circumspect awareness, a more solididea creeps in:Rockstar to release GTA 6 just before the arrival of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, coming later this year, exact date still not known.

With GTA 6 coming as PS5 launch title-which many gamers seem to agree on-looking outlandish, arrival in time for Project Scorpio seems more likely. By launching the game just before Xbox Scorpio, will mean the title will be bought for Sony’s PS4, Xbox One as well as the new Scorpio giving the title a wider market range. It makes a lot of logics because Sony made console lovers will be using the current PS4 in wait for PS5 in 2020.

If that will be the case, then GTA 6 will be here some time near the December holiday season, as Microsoft has already confirmed the arrival of Xbox Scorpio aroundthe same time.The previous Microsoft gaming machine, Xbox One, arrived in November, so under normal circumstances the flagship console will be here come November. But then, the arrival this year is also being compromised by the launch of Read Dead Redemption, another prime title being developed by Rockstar,already set for this year. So basically, no information seems to have concrete supportive facts.

News does not end there, GTA fans are not only eagerly waiting for the arrival of GTA 6 but also ruing over GTA 5 Online forthcoming DLC named Gun Runner update expected before summer ends. It has been a norm for Rockstar to release DLCs at the endBonus weeks, implying something could be coming aroundMay 16. Again a number fans seem to agree on second-half of June as the launch for the Gunner update putting May 16 as a prime date for the developer to give away some information about the expansion pack.


Despite all confusion capped with rumors, the factremains that GTA 6 will come sometime, though nobody knows when, but it will surely drop someday. For now, these are mere Internet rumors that you shouldn’t believe at any moment, treat them with the necessary discrete moderation they require as we wait for the official information from the concerned parties.