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Facebook Reactions rolled out early last year to enable free emotion expression through emojis, but it was limited to posts at that time.

Then, early this year the social media big-cheese extended the feature to Messenger where users can now tag reaction emojis along individual chat messages.

Now, the feature is becoming exclusive to comments below posts. Until recently, you could either go active by Liking a comment or choose the silent ‘Unlike’ option which has nothing to symbolize, that is, if you chose to go graphical.

Facebook Reactions in Comments

With the latest addition, you can now choose from any of the six Reactions-Love, Laughter, Sad, Shock or Anger-to express your feelings to comments on a post.And it is quite easy to apply, just hover on a comment for Facebook desktop version or long press it on Android and the graphics will pop up from which you can select the most suitable for the prevailing scenario.

Conveying feelings to a comment by simply Liking, has been so inadequate-becoming tricky in some situations down the line. For instance, a colleague has just posted about a lost friend, relative… anybody on Facebook. And there you are, asking yourself whether it’s inorder to Like it or not. Some will say it’s wrong for the reason that by hitting the Like button, basically you are saying you love the post. But then, how do you love a death post? Others will say, well you are just telling the bereaved fellow that you have seen the post and by Liking you are helping in spreading the word and so on.

To eliminate this endless debate, Facebook wants you to express your emotions vividly without depending on the interpretation of your recipient. Like in the case above, of a post about a lost one, you simply react with ‘Sad’ icon, it’s appropriate and does the same thing as Liking, and that is, the post is spread far and wide.

Talking of propagating the post, by applying any of the reactions, you do exactly what you would have done with the Like button as far as popularization is concerned. In case you didn’t know, then here is the thing: when you like a post you are simply telling Facebook algorithms that you would like to see more of such in your News Feed. The same applies to comments, though, comments are more efficient when you want to get updated on a post or spreading the post, that is why excessive use of reactions could impact negatively on Facebook marketers and advertisers on Facebook.

Where is Dislike button?

Facebook has maintained the same types of Reactions emojis at launch. So why is there no Dislike reaction?  Probably, a thumbs down graphic to show discontent. Well, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg believes it is not socially healthy. Why? He says that by having a Like and Dislike button, it would look more of a voting mechanism that could bring a cooling effect to the way people socialize.For that matter, Facebook will not build a Dislike button any sooner, he confirmed.

Reactions implication to businesses

Facebook Reactions is a big win for brands and marketers in a number of ways. First, through emotional response these group can vividly see customers’ take on their products-negative or positive reactions-they mean a lot to advertisers in equal measure.

Also,negative sentiments can be hurtful to a brand’s image and it’s even worse if it is expressed in words in form of comments. By opting for emojis to express negative feelings-which many will apparently choose-the brand’s comments section is spared of hurting comments.

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In addition, comments have far reaching effects than Likes or Reactions as far as virality is concerned. For businesses, this can be helpful and hurting at the same time. By getting page visitors to react more than they comment, the business reduces the number of negative comments. On the flipside, the content or sponsored page audience is limited. All the same Facebook has pledged to do more research to make the feature better for both advertisers and users.

Seemingly the rollout is staged,as such it may not be everywhere at the moment but certainly it will, in a few days. Keep looking.