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While it’s true that Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are the two horses in the race to console market kingship, Nintendo Switch has enjoyed success in its own merits.

The state-of-the-art gaming machine is off to a flying start with a staggering 2.74 million copies sold in its first month surpassing Nintendo’s projected 2 million sales.

Even with such a good start, with the developer expecting 10 million sales in the next year, the Switch is missing out on massive high-ranking third party games being announced this year. There are a number of big name titles dropping for the dominant PS4 and Xbox One. Bizarrely, no mention of Nintendo Switch, which is equally as powerful, in the line-up.An example is Call of Duty WW2 which has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC but the developers, Activision and Sledgehammer Games, did not mention support for Nintendo Switch.Not only that, the console is apparently being snubbed by 2018 bound open-world action adventure, Darksiders 3 which has been announced for regular victims, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Nonetheless, the party in the new console continues with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already working wonders. Now, Nintendo is teaming up with Ubisoft for a brand new crossoverturn-based RPG for the Switch according to Kotaku. Rumors about the new title has been floating in the internet fora while, but now the site can confirm thatindeed it’s real, in fact, the game is already made and is existing. The site claims reception ofart assets, in relation to the project, from their insiderat Ubisoft, however they have been denied rights to share the same.

In the report, Kotaku claims that the game has been in the making for a while and an announcement could be due at the imminent E3 Gaming Expo as the game is being prepared for a high-profile release, during Ubisoft’s annual conference, but then, everything remains a rumor in this regard until confirmed. As such take it with a grain of salt as we seek more information from Nintendo and Ubisoft, as for now both the companies have not responded to requests for more details about the rumoured title.

Nevertheless, if the rumors are anything to go by,then; the title has been named ‘Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle’and will be released later in the year sometime in August or September exclusive for Nintendo Switch.The crossover is built on three selling points; turn-based battle, ridiculous sense of humor and two-player supportive multiplayer.

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is poweredby Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, the same technology behind The Division and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and peach will be starring in the two-player local co-op multiplayer that includes characters from Mario and Rabbids series. There are also four Rabbids dressed up as the four aforementioned Nintendo icons taking the number of playable characters to eight. The assets seen by Kotaku also featured the Super Mario characters using nobody-saw lasers guns.

As said earlier, Nintendo Switch has been alienated from high-profile game’s list, it is equally important to know that that has not impacted so negatively on its sales neither on its games’ which has gone up to 5.46 million. Translating to an average of two titles for every Switch machine.

The biggest contributor to this number is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which has amassed an astounding 2.76 million sales, a figure more than even the total number of Switch consoles available.

Nintendo Switch

Another notable popular contributor is Super Bomberman R which has notched up 500, 000 copies since the Switch launched.1-2 Switch mini game collection consisting of 28 minigames has gathered a huge number as well, with close to one million sales to its name.

Finally, Nintendo Switch has been tricky to stumble on this days, remember the company projected 2 million sales in the first month against 2.74 million sales actualized in that period so far, but be sure to check at your nearest stores, new stock should be arriving now. As forMario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle details, keep an ear out for information from the concerned parties.