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Nintendo is at it again, this time around with a portable console by the name 2DS XL, just a few months after releasing the much anticipated Nintendo Switch in March.

The gaming giant has all focus turned to the forthcoming third choice portable system for hand-held machine lovers with the exact date for release tipped for July 28, 2017.The new gaming machine now adds to the already available Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS in the brand’s 3DS gaming console family.

Nintendo 2DS XL

The mid-tie console will first land in North America and Europe at a retail price of $149.99(suggested cost). Remember, the new hand-held system fits in-between the high end Nintendo 3DS XL and the inferior Nintendo 2DS in both price and specs-wise. So, it is the choice to go by if you are looking foran upgrade of the 2DS and a feel of a stripped down version of the new Nintendo 3DS XL hardware. In actual fact, there is nothing apart from the 3D stereoscopic abilities that is in Nintendo 3DS XL and not in the imminent Nintendo 2DS XL.

Going forward, Nintendo 2DS XL will arrive alongside two huge new titles-Hey!Pikmin and Miitopia- which are also exclusive to the entireNintendo 3DS family.

Talking of the two games:


This one is an adventure game with puzzles instincts, the players will control the main character Captain Olimar. The character is on a personal mission to leave the planet and you are required to help him collect Sparklium to refuel his wrecked ship.Besides, you know, the 2DS XL has a touch screen, that makes it more fun to play Hey!Pikmin. Fending off enemies has never been easier thanks to the responsive screen. You only need to touch the screen to pick Pikmin and throw them and foes as you help Olimar adventure in the game’s world.


On to the second game, Miitopiathrows you into a thrilling multiplayer encounter where you team up with other players to down the Dark Lord. Each player is required to come up with strategies, take different roles and come together for the ultimate task, bringing down the monster.

In this, gamers either create their own Mii outfit from within the game or simply import already customized avatars from Miitomo or Tomodachi games.

For refresh, Miitopia is already live in Japan but the rest of the world will get the role playing title in July as said earlier.

In a press conference, President and COO of Nintendo in North America, Reggie Fils-Aime, said that the new portable gaming machine has been perfectly balanced between performance and cost to give gamers an impressive choice. He also touched on the new Nintendo 2DS XL aesthetic prowess pointing out the machine’s fine-looking clamshell design in this regard.

Features and Facts

Now on to what the next Nintendo’s gaming machine is packed with. First and foremost, the handheld device will be retailing in an impressive Black/Turquoise and White/Orange streaks and will inherit directly from the 3DS XL counterpart as already stated. Here is the full specs list;

  • For size, the 2DS XL borrows directly from the 3DS XL, that is, a 4.8-inch primary display and 4.18-inch for secondary display.
  • Though lighter, the 2DS XL sees the same power as the 3DS XL.
  • Has both C-stick and Z-buttons included.
  • From the name, videos here are displayed in 2D.
  • The machine, like the 3DS sports a built-in NFC support for Amiibo cards and figures at the lower screen.
  • 3DS games are playable on this 2D device as well.
  • And now the good news for parents who have game addicted children, Nintendo 2DS XL sports parental control enabling them to limit their kids to certain content.

Nintendo 2DS XL Facts and Features

Perhaps you are wondering where to get the new games to play in the console when it arrives. Well, the system plays all Nintendo 3DS games, which are now available in thousands, in 2D format.

Finally, the release date for other markets have not been confirmed yet and as such if you are in the international markets and would want a taste of the 2DS XL, you can make arrangements for importation once launched.