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Instagram has evolved from a miniature online platform for sharing photos with family and loved ones to a full-fledged social networking client packed with full communication experience including private one-on-one chats (direct messages) among other intriguing functionalities.

The Facebook-owned client has become even more interactive with the advent of recently released Instagram Stories feature that allows users to record live videos among other fascinating abilities. In fact, that feature is now allegedly bigger than the whole of Snapchat app from where it was cloned. The blockbuster (Instagram Stories) is currently seeing more than 200 million users a day and 700 million per month. In contrast, the Facebook’s mortal rival in this game, as of the last quarter of 2016, had approximately 158 million daily active subscribers with only a small fraction using Snapchat’s version of Stories feature.

That aside, with the current state of affairs, the platform is becoming everyone’s destination, from bothersome friends and relatives to pesky strangers. These people won’t let you breath peaceful unless to get to try out these well-designed techniques. The surest way to bar bothersome persons in Instagram is blocking them. Here is how to do it;

Instagram Tips and Tricks

How to Block a Profile on Instagram

Blocking someone from within Instagram is much easier than you may think. Perhaps, the developers knew about these stealthy fellows who range from bothersome confidants to complete ill-minded strangers.

Let’s face it

  • Launch your Instagram app and head to the bothersome fellow’s profile.
  • Check for the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen, tap on it.
  • A menu will pop up, tap ‘Block’ then confirm

As simple as that, that pesky fellow will be blocked and will bother you no more.

But then, if you are curious enough, then you must be wondering what exactly happens when you block a contact. This is the thing;

Get it right and now that when you’ve blocked someone, Instagram does not send them a ‘block’ notification so don’t flinch this decision will save you big time.

  • A blocked profile will not be able to view either your photos or videos
  • Such a person won’t be able to search you anymore on Instagram
  • After blocking someone you unfollow automatically but their likes and comments will still appear on your posts. But you can go further and manually delete the comments.
  • Even though you may have blocked someone, they can still mention you in their comments, but then, it won’t show up in your Activity.

Unblock Someone in Instagram

Unblocking a profile on Instagram

Man is to error, there comes a moment in time that you mistakenly block a colleague or a family member and you are wondering how to revert the process. Fret not, it is even easier to do so.

Simple, just head to the blocked profile, instead of seeing the usual ‘Follow/Following’ button you will spot ‘Unblock’ tab. Tap on it and a confirmation window will pop up with the phrase ‘I’m sure’, click on it and the obvious happens, that particular profile will be unblocked and everything proceeds normally forthwith.


Getting in touch with loved ones on Instagram gets better every day. The Facebook-owned company recently launched Instagram Offline Mode for its massive user base residing outside US (developing countries like India) where internet connection is always slow. This feature allows users to perform a number of actions off-net that will be updated when they get back online. They can comment on and like posts, unfollow people and save media not forgetting viewing already visited profiles among others.

Upgrade your Instagram from Google Play Store or App Store to take advantage of these updates. For newbies, grab the app from your respective app store and feel the taste with more than 600 million others.