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The San-Francisco based social media titan is currently testing some design modifications in the app’s Android beta channel.

The latest Twitter beta version features live counters which literally count the number of retweets, likes and replies on users’ tweet in real time. This feature has been spotted on Twitter Beta 6.45.0-beta.599, however, not all Android users on this build have been able to see it yet which could mean either of the following;

The first line of thought suggests that Twitter rolled out this in-test feature via server switch thus enabling access to a select group of users in the meantime. It is also possible that the company has embarked on a staged rollout which means all users on the latest beta version will get the experimental feature once the process is done but not at the same time. Lastly, and probably the most unlikely of the three possibilities, is that the functionality has been rolled out, not limited to the recent beta build, but to all users regardless of the Twitter build they are running.

But then, it beats logics why, until now, not even a single user on any Twitter Android mainstream channel has spotted the counters at work. In a nutshell, this reasoning is farfetched, though not completely ruled out.

According to those who have seen the counters in action, the functionality is available on twitter feed, search page as well as personal tweet page and they update the numbers every second.

On the flipside, these counters can be distracting as have been reported by some users. The question of data consumption also comes on board here. Definitely, this feature will use a little more data to enable the counter refresh each and every second.

Another thing, it’s not clear whether customers will be able to turn off this feature, probably on data usage basis. Though it looks green as for now, fret not because Twitter has been predictable in the manner in which the social media app is managed, more details on the counters along with other UI improvements should be out in a few weeks if things stay as always.

How does the live counters work?

As the name suggests the counters record number of retweets, likes and replies in real time. They refresh after every second and the change in the number is marked with a short animation where the new number comes into display as the old figure sinks to the bottom.

How to Download, Install Twitter Beta

Whether the feature will find its way to the standard Twitter app or not remains unclear. But you can try out this function via a download file. There are a lot of apk files in the internet, both genuine and phony, but this one here is one of the former. Try it out.

Before then, get up to date with the process of installing third party applications on your Android phone before you get down to the actual task. It is good to know that Google will not be responsible for damages caused to your phone by these apk files. By default, the Android system is set to block installation of third party applications. It isn’t a great deal any way, just get to Settings and then check Unknown sources checkbox. Thereafter you can proceed with downloading and installation seamlessly.

Again, Twitter beta versions are testing app and bugs and other issues aren’t so uncommon. So, if you experience anything abnormal, be sure to report it the developer for correction in the stable version.

If the bugs and crashes becomes unbearable, you can revert back to the stable version by uninstalling the beta one then getting the mainstream via the Google Play Store.