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Google has teamed with Samsung to replace Samsung Music with the default Google Play Music on Samsung devices.

Those who don’t like idea of two music apps coming pre installed on their Samsung devices will be happy to hear the news. Google announced the news in its blog post, so this is the end of Samsung Music.

The announcement was made on the 21st of April, and it coincides with the retail launching of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The partnership between Samsung and Google will kick off at once with the Galaxy S8.

samsung google play music

End of Samsung Music

This means that Samsung Music will no longer be available on upcoming Samsung devices and the default music application will be Google Play Music. The latter is already the default music app in the Galaxy S7 and this trend will continue for the rest of the Samsung devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.

Diverse Services

Google Play Music has a lot of advantages over Samsung Music. Google Play Music is basically a music playing application, but it also comes with a streaming service comparable to Spotify. It also offers cloud services that people can use for storing their own music collection. The partnership between Samsung and Google for the music app seems to be very practical, as it offers the perfect means of competing with Spotify or Apple Music. This is because Samsung is a company that makes the maximum number of Android smartphones.

Google Play Music App

Benefit to Users 

Even the user is benefitted by the partnership. Google has made special enhancements for the Google Play Music service in case of Samsung users.

For instance, users of Samsung devices can now upload 100,000 music tracks by using the Google Play Music. Google only allows users an upload capacity of 50,000 musical tracks on other devices. Samsung users can have the benefit of double the number of tracks.  Uploading of tracks is offered as a free feature in the app and there is no monthly subscription for this feature.

Google is also offering a three-month free trial for Samsung users, and not the usual one month free trial as is offered in case of users of other devices. However, the free months are only available for a new subscriber and nor for an existing subscriber, though the offer is available to everyone all over the world.

Working with Bixby

In addition, the new Google Play Music default music app on Samsung devices is integrated with Samsung’s intelligent service, Bixby. So, users can now make a request to Bixby for playing a track on Google Play Music any time. Subscribers can request Bixby to play any of their favorite songs or music and the app will play the music immediately.

Samsung Music

Samsung Gets Better

The Google Play Music integration offers several bonuses and this will make the future Samsung devices much better. The offer is valid globally for all upcoming Samsung devices. The partnership will also result in users being able to access the YouTube Red, in case of availability. This will allow users to access more than forty million music tracks.