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Have you ever called a cab and then decided to walk 5 more minutes? Or maybe your friend offered you a halfway ride even though you already called a taxi?

The truth is, it happens to all of us. But thanks to Uber’s new feature, calling your driver is a lot easier – and customizable.

Basically, the new feature by Uber masters the art of the pickup. The app got a new update and now allows riders to slightly alter their pickup location mid-request. Obviously, you cannot alter it to a neighborhood that is 20 miles afar – besides, what would be the point, right?

What you can do, though, is remove all the possibilities of making a mistake. Even if you mistake the street where you are at – or just saw your favorite coffeeshop and want to grab a hot cappuccino while waiting your cab – it is now possible, thanks to Uber.

This update will only be available on iOS at first, in the US, UK and Canada to start out with. According to some user reviews, it is the answer to the prayers of every single Uber passenger. But how does it actually work – and how can you use it?

Simply put, you just tap the ‘edit’ button and confirm a new pickup location. While your driver is en route, he or she will shift and adjust to what’s possible and come to pick you up from your new location.

The re-route does not cost a cent more and can be used by everyone. Well, everyone who actually needs it – and does not take advantage of it too often.

In other news, Uber is also making some big changes to the complaints against drivers, giving drivers more of a say in the complaints process and making the process more transparent. We hope to see more from this amazing app, and the way it revolutionized transportation over the touch of a smartphone.

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