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Let’s put it like this…

Have you ever wondered if there is a phone that you can not only buy at a low price – but one that is also rugged and waterproof?

The Blackview BV6000 is definitely a model of that kind. It is insanely cheap, has a great list of features and on top of everything, is rugged and waterproof. Or as fans like to label it, ideal for adventurers, hikers, explorers and full-time outdoor workers.

So, what’s so special about the Blackview BV6000?

First and foremost is the fact that this phone uses the latest version of Android – the Marshmallow. Also, the BV6000 model packs an insane 3 GB of RAM memory plus 32 GB of storage space. This makes it fast and able to keep all of your files without a single doubt.

The battery life is also great, coming from the 4500 mAh 9V2A battery that supports fast charging. However, the build of this phone is where things get interesting.

The Blackview BV6000 is made to withstand any drop, any bump and any kick. It is resistant, can be pressed in your pocket or backpack without it cracking and can even be scratched with hard materials and won’t produce a single scratch! On top of everything, it is waterproof and you can swim with it or take it to watery places.

Known as a rugged smartphone, the Blackview BV6000 is ideal for all explorers in the harsh outdoor environment. Unlike the delicacy of most of the phones, the BV6000 is able to withstand shocks at ease while not compromising in terms of features. The Gorilla Glass, neat 13 MP camera and creative NFC technology are the best proof for that.

And the best part, is obviously its price.

The Blackview BV6000 can be yours for only $130, exclusively via FindPare. Check out the detailed smartphone features here – and make it yours today!