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Xiaomi took the world by storm recently, with their introduction of the brand new Redmi 4a model. But even though this model is now, in the same time it reminds us a lot of the classic Redmi design that is a bit more sleek and modern in the 4a.

Most of the questions aimed at Xiaomi for this particular model were pointed to how it ranks with the Redmi Note Prime. And if you are asking yourself why exactly the Redmi Note Prime – the answer is simple – because they are in quite the same price group.

It’s true that both of the phones are in the low-budget group and are priced around $100-$120 USD. But what features do they offer – and do they offer a solid value for money?

Starting from their dimensions, the Redmi 4 Prime is obviously a bit bigger in both height and width. It also weighs more (185g compared to 131.5g), but they both offer a dual SIM feature and the special IPS LCD capacities touchscreen with 16 million colors.

The only difference is that Xiaomi Redmi 4a runs a newer version on Android and comes with 32GB RAM memory, compared to the standard 16GB in the Redmi Note Prime. Also, the Redmi 4a is a bit better when it comes to its GPU and CPU that packs 1.4 GHz Adreno 308 compared to the 1.2 GHz Adreno 306 found in the Redmi Note Prime.

The color variations are a lot richer in the Redmi 4a – coming in gold, rose gold and dark gray compared to the white-only option found with the Redmi Note Prime. That being said, the Redmi 4a is definitely a better, more diverse and even cheaper option that the Redmi Note Prime.

Therefore, if you are looking for a newer phone with upgraded features, more color variations and a bit faster processor, your only sacrifice should be the slightly smaller screen. And that is what this phone comparison is all about – and how Xiaomi Redmi 4a outperforms the Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime.