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You may or may not have heard about Oppo, but this Chinese company is taking the world by storm with its phone releases. Known as a major electronics manufacturer based in Guangdong, this company’s focus on smartphones has been crucial in the release of both Oppo F1 Plus and Oppo F3 Plus models.

While the Oppo F1 Plus was released exactly a year ago, this year’s Oppo F3 Plus is a new addition that is introduced from the company (expected release is in April). It is basically a lot better than the previous model, and in our detailed smartphone review below, we are showing you why.

Why Is Oppo F3 Plus Better Than Its Predecessor?

First of all is the fact that Oppo F3 Plus is a phone that is newer – and as such – packs a bit newer technology. Speaking of which, it comfortably runs the Android Marshmallow and packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset compared to the Mediatek found in the Oppo F1 Plus model.

When it comes to CPU and GPU, both phones pack an octa-core processor – but the Oppo F3 Plus model differs with the Adreno 510 GPU that is better than the Mali-T860MP2 found in the F1 model.

The Oppo F3 Plus is also a bigger phone that measures a 6-inch screen – one that is IPS LCD capacitive and has 16 million colors. It also uses a Gorilla Glass 5 compared to the 4th edition in the F1 Plus model – and on top of everything, offers a bigger battery (4000 mAh Li-Ion one) than its predecessor (2850 mAh Li-Po). This is probably the feature most people will be after.

In the end, it is safe to say that the Oppo smartphones are upgrading year after year – and this phone comparison proves that well. Whether you are new to the Oppo phones or want to upgrade from your Oppo F1 Plus model, the F3 Plus is definitely worth it!