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DRM Converter for Mac is a tool that can be used to alter the format of files so that they can be played on all device types and not just Apple’s products. Often times people would like to use a particular device for their audio content such as audiobooks or music, but the DRM protection used for media placed on Apple’s iTunes and content platforms prevents users from doing so. This software does not however limit itself only to DRM protected files. Unprotected files can also be converted by using AppleMacSoft DRM Converter for Mac.

What file types does it support?

There are many formats that are covered by this software, which is great because it provides more versatility and lessens the chances of stumbling across an unsupported format which can’t be converted. The usual suspects are present including MP3 and MP4, but also MKA, M4A, AC3, WAV, AAC, M4R, AU and AIFF. What’s neat about it is that it doesn’t limit itself to conventional formats and brings support for Audible files and Apple Lossless as well.

What can it do with video?

With an array of audio formats supported, DRM Converter for Mac also provides a neat feature which allows users to take the audio out of video content. Whenever you just need the audio and couldn’t bother with the images, DRM Converter can simply strip the file down to the audio portion. This is quite a useful feature that can come in handy in many situations.

Does it play well with iTunes?

Since the main focus of this tool is to convert DRM protected files from a user’s iTunes library, it would be kind of underwhelming to find out that it doesn’t work properly with iTunes itself. That being said, it’s not the case as the two go very well together and iTunes will allow DRM Converter to easily slide into its infrastructure and convert files in a moment’s notice.

Is it legal?

This might be a concern for many people considering whether or not they should give DRM Converter a try. The answer is yes, and that makes quite a difference. The fact that users can convert files to seamlessly migrate back and forth between Apple’s platforms and other devices in a legitimate manner is probably DRM Converter’s biggest attribute.

In conclusion, DRM Converter for Mac is a very good conversion tool simply because it is legal and offers quality converting options which allow users to think about options. The best feature that this software provides is probably that of choice. Users can now choose and set the parameters under which they enjoy files and there is no restriction as to what file can be played on which device.

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