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On the list of good news we received recently we can add the fact that a new trailer was released for Mass Effect: Andromeda. As it seems from the images, the universe of Habitat 7 is not so lonely. The clip reveals a lot about what will be waiting for the characters as they have to travel through the deep space, through many unknown worlds. The trailer feels just like a movie one and it’s excellently made, showing an interesting gameplay.

In the beginning of the trailer we hear a voiceover that asks if that is our golden world. It is a clear reference to Habitat 7, which is the name of a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that resembles the earth. We also get a glimpse of Hyperion, which is the Ark vessel where the main characters are found in their quest for a new world. Inside we can notice that there are thousands of people found in a state of deep sleep.

After that, we see a shot of Scott Ryder, the main character (or Sarah Ryder, if you choose to have a female main character). If the main characters are humans, we can also spot alien species being part of the crew. One example is the Krogan reptilian race, and we also see a Salarian pilot, but we do not know for sure which the role he has in the plot is.

Earlier, we also saw the release of a gameplay trailer that showed the vastness of the in-game world, the crafting system, combat mechanics and the navigation. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a shooter game based on an open-world and it is developed by BioWare. It should be released on March 21 this year, with versions for PC, but also for PS4 and Xbox One.