Recently, Rockstar Games started to bring some updates to the QA beta files that are found on the game servers, which many people interpreted as being a hint or a title update in GTA Online. Funmw2, who is a famous tipster for the GTA game, revealed that the two files that are updated have something to do with GTA 5 Launcher and GTA 5 Social Club.

There is also a video on YouTube, made by the user MrBossFTW (or Ross), who explains that those who are playing GTA 5 on the PC already got a maintenance update that takes up 80-90 MB and it started rolling out on February 4. Everybody is wondering if this small update will represent the basis for more DLCs to come or if it’s just an update meant to fix bugs.

Funmw2 also confirmed in one of this tweets that the new update is in fact the Launcher/ Social Club one, meant for GTA Online. Even so, there is still a possibility that the developers will add some improvements to prevent cheating in the game files, together with some bug fixes.

At the same time, Rockstar prefers to keep this a secret maintenance update, since they did not reveal anything about its contents on the changelog officially published on their website. Moreover, they also released a hint that soon they will be terminating the game-progress transfer window found on the last-gen consoles to the current ones (and this includes PS4, PC and Xbox One).

Rockstar also announced that there is a cash reward of $100,000 in GTA if you complete the game-progress transfer to another console or PC until March 6. After you complete the transfer, you will receive the reward in your game account in maximum 72 hours. You can also enjoy some limited bonus cash rewards in the game if you buy Shark cards.

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