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Niantic has been busy in the past months celebrating major holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year. The last event introduced free incubators, more chances to hatch second gen babies and to catch starters, among others. Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14 and the developers will organize a special event for players who acknowledge the importance of love. But for now, there are only speculations about what will come at around Valentine’s Day.

When hints start appearing in a game, players have a clue about what is about to come and this has already happened in Pokémon Go in January, when gendered Pikachu have showed up. Everyone is guessing that Niantic will bring gendered Pokémon, while the players on The Silph Road believe that the Valentine’s Day event will also come with Pokémon breeding.

Chansey is one of the few examples of first gen Pokémon with a gender and players would be really pleased with the introduction of genders to Pokémon Go. And since catching certain species of Pokémon is based on random spawn, many players would like to be able to breed out as many Pokémon of a certain species as they like. So, if this option might be available soon, players will have the chance to increase their collection of a specific Pokémon species.

On the other hand, during Valentine’s Day event is rumored to be released an Eevee-based update. This Pokémon is created using a “Friendship” element, as it becomes friendlier if it’s used by the trainer without getting knocked out.

Another change is expected to be made to the clothing department, which will have a love theme. Niantic hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors yet, but on February 28, John Hanke will have an intervention between 5PM-6PM (local time in Barcelona), where he will reveal more information about the future of Pokémon Go.