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Regardless of what smartphone brand are you using, you must know that 2017 is a promising year when it comes to technology. According to the rumors that are already circulating, many producers will choose the OLED Display type for their upcoming flagship models, which is not bad at all. As such, let’s take a look at what 2017 should bring us!

iPhone 8

Now it should be the time when Apple catches up with its rivals when it comes to display technology. According to rumors and speculations, the company will not choose again LCD screens. Moreover, it seems that they will not only choose OLED for their displays, but they will also make flexible phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone should be released on March 29th, which is great news for the fans of this brand. Following into the footsteps of its predecessors, it might also feature an OLED screen, but there is a catch here. There are two types of OLED screens, namely one based on the Adobe RGB gamut tech, which is the one used up until now for Samsung models, and the other is DCI-P3 tech, which might be the update for this model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sticking with Samsung, we have to mention the fact that for this model, Samsung will go for an AMOLED display with high-density. However, these are just rumors for now.

Google Pixel 2

This year we are going to see the release of Google Pixel 2, which apparently will also sport an OLED display. Rumor has it that it will also upgrade the type of OLED screen, and the reason for this might be the fact that the company intends to make the phone compatible with VR, so it needs some visual improvements.

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