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Recently, Bethesda Studios announced that they will bring Fallout Shelter, the extremely successful management simulator dedicated to iOS and Android, to Xbox One and Windows 10. Ever since its release back in 2015, the game has had great success among users, especially those who were playing before the Fallout franchise. Now, after one and a half years, the game is still ranking in the top preferences of players both on Android and iOS.

An announcement was posted on the official Xbox Wire page and it said that Fallout Shelter will become accessible as a title for Xbox Play Anywhere starting February 7. From that date on, you can download the game for free, either from the Xbox Store or from the Windows Store.

In the game, you are placed in the position of an Overseer who has to manage the community of Dwellers. The Dwellers live inside a Vault, and you have to ensure that they are happy. Basically, you have to maintain their facilities, send citizens in order to gather valuables and protect their home whenever there is an attack from the Raiders.

Ever since the release of the game, the developers introduced lots of additional features too. Among them you can see extra pets, rooms, scrapping and crafting, customization options for the Dwellers and some iconic characters that also exist in Fallout 4.

Perhaps the most important update was brought back in July last year and it introduced a new quest system. Moreover, it redesigned the combat mechanics found in the mobile game, which made many fans happy at the time. The innovative addition brought by the upcoming release is the fact that you can now share your progress both on the console and on the PC. The switching process thus becomes easier.