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Samsung Galaxy S3 has been released back in May 2013, but it seems that there are still many people who are using it. Today we will explain you how to enable Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

First of all, we should mention that the Safe Mode is allowing your device to boot with only the default applications that came with the smartphone. In other words, only the applications that came pre-installed with the device will run when you will start the smartphone in safe mode.

When you boot the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Safe Mode, you will be able to access the Application manager and uninstall applications, which might cause issues when booting the device normally.

Enabling Safe Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Press the power button until the Samsung logo shows and, after that, release it, then press the down volume button
  • Once the Safe mode will appear at the left bottom of the screen, you can release the volume down button (sometimes it can take up to 50 seconds)
  • Once the device boots in Safe Mode you can start uninstalling applications that are causing issues to your device
  • To exit from Safe Mode you will need to hold down the Power button and then select Restart option
  • Then, you will just wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to boot normally.

Not many are using Safe Mode and sometimes their devices are having some issues because of some annoying application. However, thanks to the Safe Mode feature, you will make sure that you can uninstall any application that’s causing problems and make your device run without any issues once again.

Have you ever used the Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3 device because of some problematic apps?