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Microsoft has been making advances in multiple fields recently but its mobile OS, Windows 10 Mobile, hasn’t been doing so good. In fact, it’s been all downhill for the platform which wasn’t able to emulate the user feedback positivity of its PC counterpart.  With steep competition in the form of Google’s Android Nougat and Apple’s iOS 10 crushing the market, the Windows based platform has been having a very bad time.

Just to help you put things into perspective, many have started debating how long it will be until Microsoft finally puts a lid on Windows 10 Mobile and discontinues the OS. That seems to be very far from the case. We say this because Microsoft is actually pushing a new update which brings some neat features to its users.

Meet Edge, the narrator

Microsoft Edge will be given the capability of reading your text out lout for you. This means that you will be able to have Microsoft Edge read your e-books for you. That’s a cool feature to have, but it will heavily be influenced by the quality of Edge’s “voice”.

In a similar fashion to how Siri operates on the iOS platform, Microsoft Edge will be trying to create a stronger relation with users by adding voice features into the mix. This is a step in the right direction for the Windows 10 developer, or at least in a new direction.

That’s not all

Aside from this addition to the Edge capability list, Windows 10 Mobile will offer Edge extensions (finally) and a new feature that will allow users to restore full sets of previously open tabs. This second feature is definitely interesting as it could add a lot of value into Microsoft Edge as a browser. Not only will you be able to restore tab sets, but also save them ( and then restore them at a future point).