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WhatsApp is used by more than a billion users worldwide and it is packed with features. Are all of those features used? Or do users just stick to the basics like sending files and making voice calls?

One of the keys to enjoying an app is having a great experience with it. WhatsApp already has that covered with its being available free of charge and just needing an internet connection to get things started. But what else can it offer?

While most users will use the app for its outstanding messaging features, there are other lesser known ones that deserve your time and attention.

Editing and doodling on photos

The ability to send and receive images – even GIFs – has been present in WhatsApp for quite some time. But do you take the time to personalize an image you’re sending to your family or friends? Yes, this may not be Snapchat or Instagram Stories where there are cooler options but being able to edit photos before sending them has some benefits.

Let’s say you want to point out a particular passage in a book you are reading to a friend. You can take a photo of the said passage then draw around the area you want your friend to read. This can help create a more meaningful conversation rather than have your friend hunting for the page number and scanning for the particular passage.

Searching for GIFs

Sometimes our feelings are best expressed by the many GIFs available on the internet. If you want to show that you’re rolling your eyes, there’s a GIF for that. If you want to express just how sad you are, there are various GIFs that show that particular emotion. In short, if you’re feeling something, there’s most likely a corresponding GIF for that and WhatsApp has made it easier for you to find them.

The ability to search for GIFs has been built into the app. Meaning, you can look up a particular GIF within the app then send them off to whoever you’re chatting with.

Tagging someone who has muted a group chat

The addition of this feature last year was quite controversial as it was seen as annoying. While true, it only depends on how those in the conversation decide to use it. You see, this feature allows you to notify a person in a group chat even though they have the conversation muted. It may be done to get their attention, particularly if you have a question that maybe they can answer. Other than that, you can just leave the person be.

Formatting text for emphasis

Let’s say you’re having a conversation about films, music and books. When referred to in publications, titles are usually italicized or put between quotation marks. If you’re the type who likes the former, then rejoice for text formatting is now available in WhatsApp.

These are but a few of the many wonderful features that WhatsApp offers their users. The company has slowly but surely added features they feel their user base will enjoy. And if you want to know what else you can do in WhatsApp, here’s a guide.