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Good news for PS4 gamers out there. Sony has released the detailed regarding the next firmware update prepared by the company for its gaming console. The update will bear the update number 4.50 and is referred to as “Sasuke”. The news about the update came through the official PS blog.

If you have an external HDD ready to go, all you need to do is wait for the update to hit your device. As long as it is compatible with USB 3.0, your external storage device will be able to communicate with the PS4 and allow you to store more content from your gaming adventures.

One of the features that got fans smiling is the ability to view 3D movies using the PS VR headset. That’s a very nice addition to the device’s capabilities, since now users can enjoy stereoscopic 3D video directly from the comfort of their chairs or sofas.

If we are to believe what is said on the PS blog, PS4 owners will be granted the ability to couple their consoles with HDDs that have a storage cap of 8TB. You must admit that 8TB is just a tad silly for regular console consumers, but nevertheless, more power to you, Sony.

There were some other changes implemented in the latest, upcoming firmware. One of the more anticipated ones is the ability of setting game screenshots as the background wallpaper. You will now be able to customize your machine to better represent the type of gamer you are.

A feature that isn’t as flashy, is the implementation of several small text light and shadow effects so that text will be easier to read when you’re dealing with a super bright background picture. Without these changes, it’s easy to imagine how the overall quality of the previous feature would be hindered by technical issues.

Interface changes have been made regarding the Quick Menu feature. It is now covering less of the screen when it is brought up, and users will now have an easier time using it. The notification list has also been altered and is now comprised of just one list that contain all the details you need on download, upload or game alerts.

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