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The Galaxy S6 and S7 edge arrived almost two years ago and they were included on the list of devices that will be updated to Android Nougat. After releasing the update for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung has turned its attention to the previous generation flaghip. Let’s see if all changes coincide with the ones available for the Galaxy S7.

Wide Selfie With Motion Released Only For The S7/edge

Unfortunately for S6/edge owners, this feature will be available only for S7/edge, even if they have a front camera with a similar resolution. However, from now on, owners of the newer models will be able to take group selfies that will be easily transformed into GIFs and shared with their friends. This feature is actually a Motion Panorama, as it’s capable of taking a wide selfie.

Always-on display

Nougat won’t bring this option to the S6, even if it’s very useful. The problem is that it’s a battery drainer, and the 2550 mAh battery of the S6 would drain even faster. As for the S7, the Nougat update comes with new options and visuals for AoD.

Video enhancer

This feature will be exclusive to S7 and its role is not only to boost color and contrast in videos, but also to improve sound volume and faux surround effects. These changes will be beneficial for video players such as YouTube, Netflix and others.

Camera Modes

Other missing options from the S6 are Hyperlapse, Motion Panorama, Food and Selfie flash. Users won’t be able to change the focus area, but at least they’ll get Fast Motion.

Performance Mode

This mode will be found in the device maintenance screen of the S7. It will allow users to change the phone’s performance regime according to usage, when playing games or performing daily tasks. When necessary, the chipset will offer the best performance so that users can perform different actions without slowing down the device.