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The last update to the PS4 system software was version 4.07. It was released last 8 December 2016 with game improvements and fixes.

Many users were unhappy with version 4.07, what with the focus on system performance, rather than features. Version 4.00 delivered improved usability, added features and more revisions.

Some of the additions included:

  • A redesign of the system screen, involving What’s New, Content info screens, The Share menu, Library icon, and Player profiles.
  • A new Quick Menu for easy access to View trophies, Check if your Friends are online, Control music playback, and Start Share Play, or start a gameplay broadcast.

Version 4.07, on the other hand, only rolled out improved system performance.

It’s not all that bad, except that users often look forward to system updates for the number of features they bring. Not just one. And the one thing added only managed to make the system more stable than before. That’s it. Nothing mind-blowing or anything.

Come to think of it though, Sony rarely launches major, feature-rich updates during the holidays. That should explain why version 4.07 was lackluster. This could change, however.

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment has opened doors for sign-ups for beta testing of the next PlayStation 4 system software update. Version 4.5 is going to be a major update, so if you really want to see a huge difference on PS4, you should register as a beta tester. Sign-ups are open until the start of the beta test in early February.

Once selected as a tester, an email will be sent to you with details on how to download 4.5 beta of the system software update, using a Master Account.

Users in North America can still register through the official sign-up page. But users in Europe can no longer register as sign-ups have already been closed.

If nothing better comes out with update 4.5, you might start questioning how PS4 compares with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.