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Pokemon GO has been a constant fixture in the spotlight, as its success is unmistakable. Nintendo and Niantic have been able to cash in on the long running franchise that has marked countless childhoods all over the globe, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Problems and fixes

Lately, some problems occurring on the Android version of the game have been more and more obvious, to the point where they would actively annoy players. Luckily, these problems were addressed in the most recent patch brought to the game. One of the especially annoying issues which regarded loading problems on Android devices has been fixed. This means that players won’t remain stuck after the loading screen reaches 100%. This problem has been the bane of many people’s patience towards the game, as you can only take so much of nothing happening before you finally close the app and find something else to fill your time with.

Another noteworthy change is that now, the app is capable of allowing music to be played in the background. Yes, you can play music while running the app, which is great news for anyone that wants to hear more than the in-game sounds.

Here are the patch notes for this latest update, which brings the Pokemon Go app to build number 0.55.0:

  • Loading times on Android devices has been reduced for app startup;
  • The game now features support for wheelchairs through Apple Watch and the iOS platform;
  • Misspelled text and text errors have been corrected;
  • The Pokemon Go Plus service can now be properly accessed and used.

Secret surprise

Aside from error fixing, the new patch brought users a surprise hidden within the patch code. Thanks to dataminers we now know that the patch contains references to Gen 2 Pokemon, as well as a new Unown badge. Additionally, there is a new Candy Award item that currently doesn’t hold any other information. Some speculate it might be related to the Buddy achievements , whereas others say that it’s just one of the many new items that will be introduced in the game in a later iteration.