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Nintendo has just rolled out a brand new game on Google Play entitled Fire Emblem Heroes and it is already available in some reason including the likes of Australia and Europe. US fans will have to wait for a couple of days for the game to be available to them as well.

This is the Japanese tech giant’s second attempt at launching an Android game following Miitomo which hasn’t enjoyed that much success.  Super Mario Run will be the third one in the line as it is known that the popular iOS game will see some Android love in no time at all.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a turn-based title which is based on a fantasy world enhanced with tactical and battles based on grid. The player is put to prevent the destruction of a land called Askr with the help of new and old heroes from the previous Fire Emblem series. They will support your battles in order to protect this sacred land.

The series is believed to have a lot of strategic parts and deep thought process which is absolutely needed to make sure that nothing comes in harm’s way. Players are noted not to get too attached to the characters because once they die; they stay dead so expect a little remorse from time to time.

Nintendo has big plans regarding their games on mobile devices as they have announced the figures behind their overwhelming success of Super Mario Run on iOS operating devices as the game has been downloaded by a whopping 78 million users and generated over $53 million in revenue.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a completely free to play game but users can make use of micro-transactions within the game for certain perks by purchasing Orbs with real world money. These have a lot of functions such as purchasing new heroes or replenish their stamina bar which is the most important resource to note as it tends to quickly deplete.

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