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Skype is one of the most popular web-based communication tools preferred by many users both for business and personal use. This video and messaging app offers group chats, image, audio and video sharing, video conferences and even call forwarding. Moreover, it can be downloaded to smartphones, desktops, tablets and wearables. Aside from this, Skype can be used in different platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and Linux.

One of the latest updates of Skype is a feature that allows users to enjoy the app without having to go to the website of Skype or use the full Skype app while using OneDrive or Outlook. Although individuals who use Skype on several devices will be pinged on all the active devices, this feature is a welcoming treat.

Another update on the web-based application also includes a new button located in the settings menu and under notifications sub-menu. This gives the user the option to turn on or off the notification sound of Skype.

For Linux Alpha users, on the other hand, Skype also has a latest update. Some new features and bug fixes came with the release of the latest Skype for Linux update. With this, it is now possible to configure the launch of the app during login within the app itself. This is a big change to the previous process of having to do so from another location within the GNU/Linux machine. This update also made Skype for Linux more flexible in a way that launching can be minimized and be launched in the background. Aside from this, there is an improved context menu when the user right clicks the message in the message editing area.

Skype is the preferred communications tool by businesses because of its features and flexible call rates for landlines and mobile phones. As for Android users, a Skype update is now available for download.