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A lot of people would want to have everything they need in an instant, especially when planning to go places. Well, this is no longer a problem because Google has found a way to make this all happen with its Google Maps app. Here are things that you need to know to get you started.

Getting Info About Places

You might wonder about a place where you have not gone to yet but you are curious what it is like there. The solution is to use your handy Google Maps. Thus, you would be able to get directions or some important information, such as business hours or menus. You can even look at how the streets would look like even before being there.

Getting the Nearest Route

Traveling from home to work and back is now smoother than ever with the use of Google Maps. You can basically set this up by using the addresses of your home and your workplace. By doing this, you would be able to get the fastest route from home to work and vice versa.

Getting Directions

You should know that Google Maps is one that can provide accurate directions where you can begin navigating by following them. You simply have to click on the Google Maps icon from your PC, Android or Mac devices. Then click on the Directions where you can click the points on the map and type the exact address or add the name of the place you are going. Then you will be given a set of options in going there, which should include via Driving, Transit, Walking, Cycling, and Flight. You can even add some more destinations to your journey if you need to.

Installing Google Maps on your mobile device or PC should give you a much better way of commuting or visiting places simply by making a few clicks or taps.