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Many people are already enjoying the benefits of having a handy Google Earth app on their smartphones. In fact, the number of downloads have increased in the past years. This might have greater impact as this app is now downloadable on various mobile devices, such as tablets and laptops.

The latest version is 8.0.5 that was released on December 7, 2016. There are several features that this new update has. These include enhanced user interface, simplified layers panel with Photos layer, and some menu changes. At the same time, it has improved styling for roads and labels, as well as smoother transitions. Last but not least is the updated support for Google Drive, which would be able to view KMZ/KML files.

Google Earth for PC

First off, you need to download the Google Earth app from the official website on your PC. Then, you have to double-click on the file and take note of the installation process. After installation, you have to open Google Earth by clicking Start > Programs > Google Earth from which you can click the name and you are good to go.

Google Earth for Mac

If you are a Mac user, you should not worry because it can also be as easy as you think it is. Simply download the app from the same website highlighted above. Then, after downloading, you should look for the file name GoogleEarthMac-Intel.dmg. You need to open the Install Google Earth.pkg file and take note of the installation procedure. Then open the Google Earth app from your Mac by opening the Applications folder and double-click on Google Earth.

Just make sure that your device has an operating system that is fully supported by Google Earth. Take note that Google Earth software would verify for a Mac OS X administrator password before installing the app. But, this information would never be shared by Google.