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The delay in the release of the upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 Remake may have been due to some factors. According to sources, this may have been slightly due to the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. In fact, there were physical factors that have been made which caused the development to be a bit more difficult to achieve.

Possible Reasons for its Delay

According to game director Tetsuya Nomura, part of the blame goes to Kingdom Hearts 3. The supervision for the game was said to be a bit different than it was before. Moreover, the collaboration of some in-office and non-office personnel could have been difficult to link up.

Considering the physical issues might be different from the in-game issues. However, the team reportedly had been working on some solutions with the efforts combined from each section.

Nomura said that despite the delay caused by these issues, he guarantees that the development time of both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 should be met accordingly.

Final Fantasy 7 Release Date

The revelation of the release date might be announced soon enough. This was confirmed after Nomura expressed plans of attending a major international conference. It has been over a year already since fans were given a peek at the Remake. However, the appearance of Nomura at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference might just reveal another release date for the game.

Nomura is expected to attend the event on February 18. Thus, many speculations have come up to whether he would announce the release date of Final Fantasy Remake, aside from the possibility of leaking some new gameplay footages.

Additionally, it is expected that Nomura would provide a status update regarding the project or he would confirm the plans in releasing a version for Xbox One. The game is expected to be launched later in 2017, but it might also miss the 2017 PS4 release date.

Rumors about Final Fantasy 7 Remake

There were rumors that the game was advertised for Xbox One and the PS4, but it would be unclear on how far apart these 2 versions would land. During the Sony E3 conference, Final Fantasy 7 was revealed to first arrive on PlayStation 4. On the other hand, if you are going to consider time exclusivity, Xbox One version has gained more exposure online compared with other platforms. Perhaps a Nintendo version should also be underway.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2015, the announcement made has earned a standing ovation from the crowd. For this reason, the stock prices of Square Enix rose dramatically after the announcement. Likewise, the YouTube trailer of the game also gained some positive responses with its 10 million views only a couple of weeks after the announcement was made. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was also showcased at the PlayStation Experience 2015. This is where the opening segment of the game was shown off.

With this development, avid fans should be able to know the status of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and when it should be released for public use.