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Information about the release of Elder Scrolls 6 might be a bit scarce for avid fans out there these days. In fact, there is no official information regarding the availability of the game to come anytime soon. Thus, the game has not officially existed yet, but it is of course a reality.

However, while people are still lost, waiting for the game to be announced at a tech event somewhere, it might be important to note a few things that can make the next installment worth the wait. Here are a few points that you can ponder.

The Elder Scrolls Could Be Set in the Past

With the deep backstory of Elder Scrolls, it might be worth noting that it could make a great gameplay if the game will be set in the past. This might even be close to possibility as few of the games were already set strategically by Bethesda. For instance, Elder Scrolls Online was set in the Second Era, while the first 4 games were set in the Third Era. On the other hand, Skyrim was set in the Fourth Era. It could be possible then to set the next game as a prequel.

Aldmeris Could be a Good Location

Another location that may be a good setting for Elder Scrolls 6 is Aldmeris. This was said to be the birthplace of the Nords of Tamriel and the elven races. There is little information known about the place, making it a great place to explore. It was known that the place sank beneath the sea after the inhabitants fled.

Elder Scrolls 6: Aldmeris could start out with the player being part of the archeological team or a labor crew trapped inside a cave. Moreover, it could be designed by putting some strong element of discovery. This version might be designed by adding some physical challenges as the game progresses. This should include dungeons, as well as settlements slightly being revealed to the roadways as they all become connected, emerging as flora and fauna would slowly come back to existence.

Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia

Also known as the Black Marsh, Argonia has a wicked history of being plundered by neighboring Morrowind for slaves. This is the home of the Lizard-People at the southeastern province of Tamriel. If Bethesda could apply this design, the player would be allowed to swing the political scene on either ways within the course of the game.

Valenwood Is Also A Great Setting

One of the most intriguing areas left unexplored in Tamriel is the homeland of the wood-elves, Valenwood. Although this is just a tiny province, it has a wide range of environments, which include mangrove swamps near the rocky coasts and some sub-tropical rainforests found further inland.

Summerset Isles

Part of Tamrielic Empire are the Summerset Isles, the home of the high elves. The most innately powerful race are the Altmer and they are also the most xenophobic and egotistical race in the Elder Scrolls universe. The only thing that makes it more interesting is that only a little has been known about their homeland.