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As it seems, Clash of Clans will be holding an event called “The Healing Spell”. During this event, the training cost of a Witch will be lowered according to the Town Hall level. You can participate in any challenge you wish for as long as you want during the event, and it is really recommended to do so if you want to ear many gems and points.

iDigital Games reported that the Witch will be the main attraction in the Healing Spell event. This means that soon the price for adding a Witch to your army will decrease. The amount of the discount will be proportional with the Town Hall level you’re at, so check it out! The challenge will be available until Sunday and you should take advantage of it. One way in which to do so is to win three multiplayer battles by having a Witch in your team. This will bring you experience and free gems, which raised many players’ interest.

The event will be starting on Tuesday, but unlike other troop events, there is no challenge attached to it. For now, Supercell did not reveal any more details about the event, but iTech Post reported there will be a proportional discount for the Elixir without any associated challenges.

The current strategy of the Witch is in fact a support troop in the game. On the other hand, the Skeletons can even run if their survival depends on this. Thus, it shouldn’t be that hard to complete a challenge inside the game.

Ever since last December, Clash of Clans started to add events into their mobile games to maintain players’ interest. All in all, Supercell is great when it comes to bringing to light lots of underused troops and discounts for spells.

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