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When it comes to means of communication, email is perhaps the most important service in order to send and receive information as it will be conveniently stored for a long time. In terms of usability there are a lot of email apps which will ensure that your messages and information will be sent and received without difficulty and these apps are the main reason one could keep in touch with other people from around the world.

A lot of email service providers have entered the market and no one can even come close to competing with Google which has two apps for the same service. Apps are highly customizable and they fulfill the same role perfectly and it only comes down to a matter of preference regarding which should be used.


Google’s Gmail service is hands down the most popular app and one cannot live a comfortable life without it. They’ve recently introduced a unified inbox view where users could browse their mail from multiple accounts at the same time and it also offers some exciting features such as including a primary tab for messages with greater importance.


This email service is open source and it is the highest ranking in terms of security. The email provider based in Switzerland offers encryption and has grown astonishingly fast since its launch at CERN in 2013. When it comes to internet security, ProtonMail is the choice to make as it is completely free of cost. Messages are encrypted end to end even when the mail recipient doesn’t have the app installed. Another nice feature to have is that one can set an email to self-destruct after a certain amount of time.


Microsoft is working their best when it comes to their email service and Outlook brings a lot of features such as sorting incoming emails in terms of importance. The app screams productivity as it has a calendar and a cloud-based service integrated within it as well as a Focused tab which piles up the most important emails which one receives.