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Those who want to purchase a brand new Xbox One S 500GB are in for a treat as the online retailer eBay offers an offer which cannot be refused. They are selling the Xbox console packed with Minecraft Favorites for the cheap price of $249.99 and also free shipping. Not only is this offer too good to let go but they are putting in an extra Xbox One S controller for no cost whatsoever.

The whole package contains an Xbox One S 500GB console, Xbox Wireless Controller, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack , Minecraft Builder’s Pack, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta as well as a 14 day Xbox Live Gold Trial.

eBay’s deal is simply great as the console offers community-favorite content packs as well as a wide array of other games which can be purchased in order to make sure that one does not get bored. The Xbox One S 500GB lets players connect with each other with the Xbox Live which is widely regarded as the best multiplayer network as well as watch 4K Blue-ray quality movies.

This console is a jack of all trades as it not only offers great content in terms of gaming to enthusiasts but it also enables them to stream Netflix and Amazon Video in a whopping 4K Ultra HD as well as play games from an expanding library of Xbox 360 games.

Gaming enthusiasts should make this purchase as more amazing games are to be launched in the near future and judging by their reviews and rumors there is no better time to decide upon purchasing an Xbox One S 500GB.

Taking into account the offer which Xbox offers, we are sure that its competitor Sony is going to make sure that they will release something just as good to make sure they stay competitive in this ever so growing console market. Make sure that you take on this offer as it might not last for long in order to get the best deal possible along with some extra perks.