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It seems that now WhatsApp is testing lots of new features for the chat app it owns, and we could see this from the beta versions of the software that were recently released. One of the updates they plan on introducing an option that constantly tracks the location of your contacts. Other changes imply deleting or editing the messages which are sent but not yet read and the possibility to leave a reply to your contacts’ statuses.

The whole concept behind the location tracker is similar to the way in which the “Find My Friends” app for iPhones works. This app was released in 2011 and it is automatically placed on iPhones ever since the release of the iOS 9 version in 2015. However, before sharing the location of a person, the app asks for your permission.

We got the change to find out about these development from a Twitter account that keeps track of WhatsApp novelties, namely @WABetaInfo. The owner of the account spotted these new additions last week and decided to share them with the world.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook three years ago for the amount of $22 billion. You can already share your location at a particular time in the app, but the live location tracking option extends the possibilities of this feature. So now you will be able to share your location continuously for a period of time you set yourself, starting with one minute until forever, if you wish so.

However, we don’t know yet if it would be possible for users to change the settings, meaning only allowing certain people or groups to see their location, but it would be a good idea. These experimental upgrades have been included in the beta version on the iOS version, namely the 2.16.399 version for Android.