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As it seems, Valve is preparing something for their fans. We should be getting ready for the most important update ever for the Steam client, according to some recently leaked screenshots. So should we be preparing for Steam 2.0?

Going back a little bit, perhaps you remember that Steam first appeared on computer screens all over the world in 2003. Ever since then, there haven’t been any major changes to it, except for a simple redesign from time to time. However, now there are some screenshots found in the GitHub files that have been shared by SteamDB on the Twitter social network. According to them, Valve is working on a completely new interface for their Steam client.

An interesting thing to consider is the fact that Steam will be receiving a look that is more streamlined, along with some extra customization options. Moreover, apparently we will also receive some dedicated sections for the apps, TV shows, comics, music and movies. However, we can’t know for sure, especially since Valve took down the beta build where the screenshots were taken from.

Their gesture shows that it’s not simply a trick by some designer which is very talented, but it confirms the fact that Valve is really planning on revamping Steam soon. Some people are even rumoring a Steam 2.0 launch at the E3 2017 event, which will be taking place between June 13 and 15 in Los Angeles. It is quite an exciting event, and many gamers are anxious to see what the big companies are going to bring to the table. Rumors and speculations talk about completely new games, sequels to popular franchises, upgrades, consoles and many other interesting things.

All in all, everybody is curious to see how did Valve think to revamp the old Steam after 14 years in which it remained unchanged.

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