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Nintendo holds the rights for some of the most beloved franchises ever created. One of these franchises is of course Pokemon. And of course, you are probably familiar with the Pokemon GO craze that took the entire world by surprise this past summer. While the game is still going, we have reached the aftermath of its impactful debut.

It would seem that the launch of this mobile game caused Nintendo to climb way higher than analysts had predicted it would. This only goes to show you what kind of success Pokemon GO has been the recipient of. The thing is, Nintendo isn’t profiting as much as you think from Pokemon Go. In fact, only a small amount of the earnings are redirected towards Nintendo.

“So where does the money come from?”, you might be asking. It turns out that Pokemon GO caused such a stir in the market that people have been all over Nintendo’s own Pokemon games, Sun and Moon. These have seen a very good time on the market since their release, and now the company behind them is raking in the profits.

Let’s talk numbers

Nintendo was predicted to score somewhere around $440 million in profit on its annual financial report. However, thanks to the massive success of Pokemon GO and Sun and Moon, Nintendo will be walking away with close to $791 million. Nintendo reported a total revenue of $1.5 billion, which is obviously huge, not to mention that the company was actually losing money in a previous quarter.

Although it is undeniable how much the Pokemon franchise has contributed to Nintendo’s successful year, its other products also raked in considerable profits. From physical devices in the form of Nintendo 3DS consoles to its also very popular Super Mario Maker game, it’s been plus signs all around.

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