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If you have an iPhone and you’ve installed a QR code and barcode scanner specifically to read codes on webpages, then you will no longer need this application. The latest Google Chrome 56.0.2924.79 update for iOS comes with built-in scanning functionality that can be accessed via 3D Touch or by searching for QR in spotlight.

QR code scanning is a nice addition, but Chrome can also scan a product barcode and take the users to a Google Search results page where they can find more information about the item, such as pricing, reviews and many more. QR codes were slowly losing popularity until Snapchat, Kik, and Messenger and other messaging apps gave them another chance and people remembered to use them. Then, QR codes started being used in food labeling, while Amazon put them on its packaging and Elements brand that makes baby products.

But in order to be able to scan QR or barcodes codes, users had to install an application. Smartphone makers didn’t fully integrate QR code scanning functionality because of their limited adoption, and on iPhones, the reader can be found only inside the Wallet app and it can be used to scan coupons, tickets, boarding passes and more.

And thanks to the new Chrome update for iOS, when users come across a QR code that has a web URL inside it scanned, the browser will take to that page quickly. However, in order to benefit from this feature, users need to own a newer iPhone or iPad. They will hard pass on Chrome and open a menu with the following options: New Tab, New Incognito Tab, Voice Search, Scan QR Code, and Share Chrome.

Chrome 56.0.2924.79 can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, where the Scan QR Code update has been mentioned: “Scan a QR code or barcode by using 3D Touch on the app logo or searching for “QR” in Spotlight.”

It’s not sure when this feature will come to Android devices.

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