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We have no official information about Fallout 5, but even so there are various rumors circulating online. Bethesda did not reveal anything about the future title they are going to release, but enthusiasts are already speculating and thinking about possibilities.

A report recently published states that Fallout 5 is meant to compensate for the errors and lacks existing in Fallout 4. At the same time, you should know that Fallout 4 is starting to get out of business. According to several reports, Bethesda doesn’t plan to support it anymore, even though they are still going to release some updates from time to time. However, they will not produce any important DLCs or other contents.

At the same time, many fans are not sure whether Fallout 5 will indeed come to life, while others are sure that we will receive it soon and that the project is found on the list of projects Bethesda intends to release in the following couple of years, together with The Elder Scrolls 6. There are some reports that show that we still have to wait many years for The Elder Scrolls 6, but does that mean that Bethesda is working on Fallout 5?

Certainly, the game we have now is a good one, but there still are some issues with the gameplay. One of the problems here, for example, is the fact that even though its plot is exquisite, it is kind of short. Moreover, many players complained that the Settlement Capture feature becomes repetitive if you play it on the long run.

As such, Fallout 5 must compensate through variety, especially when it comes to the enemies that are found in the Wasteland. As it appears, most players say that it would be better if there were more of them, and Bethesda shouldn’t fail its fans.