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Nowadays, with all the surveillance and widely used technology developments, it’s hard to remain invisible and anonymous. However, there are still some steps you can take in order to set up an email account that doesn’t lead to you.

Browse the Internet Anonymously

If you didn’t know until now, your browser is gathering information about you all the time. It know where you’ve been, where you want to go, what you have been doing and what you intend to do. The solution for this is to set up a virtual private network and the Tor Browser. The latter is a special browser based on the Tor Project and it bounces your traffic through lots of servers so that it’s incredibly hard to be detected, though not impossible.

Setting up an Anonymous Email

Of course, you have the option to set up a Gmail account and lie with all the details, including buying a prepaid cell phone. However, it is more recommendable to choose a different email provider than the personal account. Make sure that you choose one that supports SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for more privacy. Here are some anonymous Web-based mail services that you can choose from if you’ve come this far:

  • It’s quite an easy to use browser, it has no ads and it integrates encryption between its members. There is a free version that offers only 25 MB storage, but there is also one that costs $49.98 and it offers 10 GB of storage for one year.
  • Hide My Ass! Anonymous Email. It’s a private VPN service that lets you access content you couldn’t otherwise. For this high level of privacy you have to pay $11.52 a month, but if you take a six months commitment you only pay $8.33 a month, or $6.55 a month per year.

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