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The good news is that Sakuyamon got his comeback to the Clash Royale game. At the same time, there are many uses for the Freeze spell in the game, but not everybody knows about them. That’s why we thought it would be good to have a list of tips and strategies in order to use the Freeze card to the fullest.

  • Keep it for worse times.

You can use the Freeze spell for a surprise effect on your enemy, but you have to wait until you get a damage push of 1000. It would be a smart move to use the Freeze spell only in those moments. Don’t worry if another tower will enter the tower, since most players prefer to leave aside the low health cards.

  • Plan when to use it.

It is essential to use the card exactly when you have planned it, and not at any time, because the Freeze spell pushes a lot of Elixir and will leave you without your reserves. If your opponent will have more Elixir he will take advantage of this and will deal a great push on you.

  • Find the right time to push Elixir for the spell.

If you give just a slight push, you will simply waste your Elixir. On the contrary, too much Elixir will make the opponent start a counter attack. This is why you should plan the push and take into account how aggressive your deck is.

  • Wait until you get minimal health.

Only use Freeze when your cards have reached Minimal Health levels before you freeze. It stops the defense of the troops and it causes no disadvantage to you at all.

  • Be offensive.

Always use the Freeze spell to attack and not to be defensive. Its worth is maximized only when you’re on the offense, not defending yourself.