Currently, it seems that Microsoft has only one target in mind: making its Surface brand stronger. If you think about the Microsoft Surface Pro models that have been released up until now, the company doesn’t aim to sell more than the Apple MacBook Pro, which would be impossible at this point. Consequently, the tech giant is looking for aspects where they are winning, and they will try and use them in order to overcome the MacBook Pro models. What we can say for sure is that the Surface series is definitely a likeable product.

As Microsoft tried to do all these things, the plans and ideas of various customers have changed. If before they would have bought an Apple MacBook Pro in a second, without hesitating, now they will at least take a second and consider buying a Surface Pro instead. You might even say that the Surface product’s goal is to create a little doubt in the mind of the buyer.

At the moment, Microsoft loses in front of Apple when it comes to sales. According to Forbes, a new MacBook Pro can easily surpass the sales Windows 10 makes in a year in just a week. A NASDAQ report shows that the Microsoft sales in the fourth quarter reached $1.3 billion. It is an important number, since it represents a 40% increase year on year.

The full year revenue for the Surface team reaches $4.3 billion and the OEM sales have also increased in the premium devices market. Furthermore, Microsoft also released some reports that people start to switch to Surface Pro from a MacBook Pro more and more. It is still debatable whether Surface will ever manage to surpass the rival’s sales, but for now it is sure that the series is rising to popularity, while the Apple products cater mainly to the premium end market.

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