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It’s likely that there are four short months before Google pulls out a big Android update. The new update is rumored to be called Android 8 or Android O and no one can be sure until Google decides to surprise us with a short preview.

There have been some scant rumors which led tech enthusiasts to believe that Google is having in store some amazing new features which will hit devices this year and we’ve put together a top to make sure you understand how the new operating system will behave and what features it will pack.

Improved Google Assistant

The Google Assistant was one of the main features during the launch of the Google Pixel and not only will it be launched as an exclusivity to these devices but it has been brought to Android Auto as well as well as to the Google Home device. Android devices which do not run under Google have yet to see this feature and we are not sure if that will become a probability.

Theme Engine

Customizing an interface has been Android’s strongpoint in the constant battle with Apple as it has the ability to fully customize a smartphone’s interface with the help of themes as well as being one of the best features on a device by a long shot. Themes will change things such as the shape of default apps as well as Android’s interface colors within the smartphone’s own settings menu without having to download individual themes.

Hardware Management

Apple is known for their hardware optimization and always trumped Android in this race in terms of how well hardware is integrated with software to take advantage of it. Android smartphones are sure to improve their software and hardware optimization so that Android 8 will allow manufacturers to take advantage of them in order to make sure that the race will Apple will still remain competitive.

Advanced VR Support

A lot of Virtual Reality headset manufacturers such as HTC, Sony, Samsung or Occulus are improving their devices and that can only mean that Android has to step up their game in order to stay competitive on the market as well. Android O is said to come with better software optimization which will make VR operate more smoothly than it is right now.

Improved Security

Security wise, iOS is all over Android in terms of security as Apple is maintaining a system which resembles a bubble regarding their policy towards not sharing their software with third-party app developers whilst Android’s policy is more open to the public, thus leaving it open to the general public as well as to malware and vulnerability to being hacked.