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The guys behind VideoLAN are enjoying themselves as their VLC player has enjoyed the spotlight for many years when it comes to being the top multimedia player for Windows, Linux and Mac devices just because of the fact that it can render any format which is thrown at it with a great deal of ease. VLC has just received a new update and not only was it hyped as it came with a lot of bug fixes and improvements but it will also cement its spot as the top multimedia player.

This past weekend the developers behind VLC released an update which was named 2.2.4 on all desktop platforms and tackled issues such as some tweaks regarding stability and some various issues with components. It is worth taking into account that VLC 2.2.4 came with a fix specifically designed for those who use Windows XP and if you are using this platform, bear in mind that it fixed an issue regarding the DirectDraw video input.

The update also came with a few additional translations including the likes of French and Italian language support as well. No further features were added in this respective updates and we can clearly see why. VideoLAN developers are working for a version of VLC which should be compatible with Windows 10 and according rumors it should be able to download within the next couple of weeks.

They’ve already started developing versions for both desktops and smartphones and the app is also believed to come with a specifically designed version dedicated to the Xbox One as stated by VideoLAN.  Developers were working on such version for a long time and they’ve almost concluded the work needed to expand the popular media player to the console media.

Not only will this expansion increase the software’s popularity but it will also enhance the way in which console users will enjoy their video content as the software will surely make it possible for a lot of tweaks and improvements of media files to be played more easily.