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Australian carrier Optus has confirmed the existence and scheduled release of Google’s Android Nougat update for A5 devices. We are not talking about the upcoming Galaxy A5 line refresh that has been announced earlier this year, but about the original device that was released in 2014.

Counting your blessings

That handset has been around for almost two years, meaning that Galaxy A5 owners should be thrilled that they are getting the update. Sure, there might be a slight hiccup since we are talking about a two year old device. That basically implies that the Nougat update won’t be able to fully boost the smartphone’s performance due to the hardware specifications it comes with.

Taking a look at the kind of specs current phones bring to the table, you can observe that the original Galaxy A5 wouldn’t really make the cut today since it only features 2 GB of RAM and a quad core processing unit.

Not the first time

The Australian carrier Optus has announced the updated before, but the announcement never materialized into an actual update. This happened earlier when the carrier promised users that they would be getting the update by the end of January. And guessed what, January is over and we still don’t have the update. Taking that into account, putting your full trust into the latest announcement might be unwise, but there is a good chance it will actually happen this time.

Preparing for a bigger release

Galaxy A5 owners under Optus will be getting the update but this might mean that a global rollout will follow suit. After all, it wouldn’t bake a great deal of sense to just release the update for such a restricted amount of users (Galaxy A5 users from one specific carrier in just one country). We’ll have to wait and see if more details surface in the meanwhile, as there was no specific date mentioned for when the update drops. This means that until February ends, every day could be the day when Samsung Galaxy A5 2014 owners finally get to try out Google’s latest operating system iteration.