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Fans interested in jailbreak all over the world were really surprised around New Year after the release of a stable version of the yalu102 jailbreak. Moreover, the release came with various Cydia apps and other tweaks that were already upgraded for the new jailbreak dedicated to iOS 10 – 10.2. As such, it is useful to know which are the best sources and repos for the most recent jailbreak.

  • lux official repo. The F.lux tweak has already become a tweak largely used worldwide, since it is really helpful in making the iOS experience better. It is a better version of the Night Shift mode of Apple iOS, versios 9.3.x and 10.x.
  • iMokhles repo. This is a shop where you can literally find everything you want. Plus it has a 3D Touch feature. With its countless packages and tweaks it can add this feature to older types of hardware that Apple stopped supporting.
  • Ryan Petrich’s repo. This is famous for offering users some premium jailbreaking tools. One of these is the Activator – a tool that lets you setup personalized controls based on gestures, dedicated to a series of apps and other tweaks (such as Dreamboard, Winterboard, MyWi etc.). Forty Six and Two repo. This repo includes some really popular packages, such as Hapticle, a package that replicates the functionality found in the Taptic Engine.
  • iCleaner Pro Repo. The last tweak on our list can be downloaded with the help of two different types of repos, the iCleaner and iCleaner Pro. They are in fact premium tools and belong to the first repository based on stable releases for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can find more stable version of the tools here