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The Wall Street Journal has reported that Facebook is currently working on a video app that will be compatible with Apple TV set-top box. The application will be supported by tvOS and it will allow users to watch Facebook videos in their living rooms.

It seems that Mark Zuckerberk is planning to turn Facebook into a “video-first” company, and the first step is about to be taken. First, the company has pushed the live-vide feature, then it incorporated vide-sharing into Facebook mobile app and Instagram. WSJ claims that Facebook is now in discussions with media companies and if they will reach an agreement, their video content will be hosted on Facebook.

It was previously reported that Facebook will acquire original programming with which the company will compete against Amazon and Netflix. If this rumor will turn to be true, then a dedicated Facebook TV app will show up at the right time to get content onto TVs.

Many social media companies, as well as streaming services want a piece of slice of the $70 billion TV ad market. So far, Amazon, Netflix YouTube and Twitter have brought Apple TV apps that offer premium video content, and Facebook knows that this is another way to increase its revenue. Because, currently, Faceook is earning money from ads placed on its News Feed, and it seems that Zuckerberg already hinted that it wants its company to expand into different platforms. And since it became clear that it is harder and harder for Facebook to integrate more ad products into users’ streams, it was predictable that the company will come up with a new strategy that convince traditional TV advertisers to invest money.

So, it doesn’t matter whether Facebook will push live video-streaming, develop original programming or bring an Apple TV app, as long as TV advertisers will be lured to collaborate with Facebook.