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Daydream is a virtual reality platform that has been developed by Google, which is supported by many devices. Reports are suggesting that the number of devices that support DayDream will increase in time, but not everyone has enough money to buy a brand new phone that will fit the requirements for the Daydream feature.

We should mention that there is a reason why your device is not certified, as in order to par with Google’s hardware requirements to run Daydream VR, your device will need to run 1080p videos with consistent 60FPS rendering, but it also needs temperature sensors for the surface of your device and more. By making modifications to your device’s code to work with Daydream, you are accepting the risk of potentially damaging your smartphone if it overheats or if anything goes wrong.

At the same time, the Android device needs to be rooted or else Daydream VR will not function. If your device is not rooted yet, we suggest you to head to the XDA-Developers forums and look for information about how to root your device (make sure that you look for the exact version of device that you own).

So, once your Android device is rooted, you will need to modify some files, but to do this you will have to install root explorer application. This application can be installed from the Google Play Store, so that should not be that hard. After that, you will need to download the latest Google VR Services and Daydream APKs from the internet. We suggest you to download them from APKMirror website, as this website is trustful and doesn’t contain malware. After downloading the APK files, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the device’s Settings->Security and then install the APK files on your device.

Enabling Daydream VR on Your Android Smartphone

  • Make sure that the device is running on Android Nougat, is rooted and that you have installed the root explorer application, Daydream and Google VR Services;
  • Open root explorer application and head to: /system/etc/permissions/ handheld_core_hardware.xml;
  • Select edit in order to modify the handheld_core_hardware.xml file;
  • Search for Root Permissions tag and add the following code line:
    <feature name=”” />
    <feature name=”android.hardware.vr.high_performance” />
  • Save the file and reboot your device;
  • Launch the Daydream application and place the phone in a Daydream VR headset in order to make sure that it works.