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The biggest update to hit Windows 10 operating deices dubbed the Creators Update will be issues somewhere in April and it will add a whole lot of programs which will enable users to create content such as music composing and painting apps but the main points which should be taken into account are new ways of interacting with the operating system. We’ve tackled some of these additions which enhance the way in which one interacts with the system as well as those which will make our lives a whole lot easier.

Automatic Lock

Notwithstanding the Windows Hello security feature, users will be able to automatically lock their device just by moving away from the screen. An official name has not been issued for this feature but it is rumored it will be named either Windows Goodbye or Dynamic Lock.

Windows 10 will sense that the users has stepped away and popular to general belief, the system will use the device’s webcam but one should be able to pair their smartphone to de device as well via Bluetooth. When stepping away with your smartphone the Bluetooth range will automatically tell the desktop that you’ve moved away from the device.

Blue Light Mode

Windows 10 Creators Update will come with a blue light mode which will adjust the color temperature of the device in order to improve everyone’s sleep by automatically dimming down as evening approaches.

Swipe Controls

If the device you are sporting comes with a Precision Touchpad, the new Windows update will enable everyone to come up with gesture controls in order to conveniently enhance the way you are controlling the device. These commands are customizable and for example one can swipe down with two fingers in order to open Cortana or check emails.

Virtual Touchpad

This tool will enable those who own a Windows 10 tablet to connect to an external display. If one does not have a mouse or touchpad connected to the tablet, this feature will enable you to pop up a virtual touch bar on the tablet screen which will control the content operated on the paired screen.