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The first developer beta for watchOS 3.2 has just been released and besides Theater Mode, the wearable OS update comes with support for SiriKit. These changes were previously unveiled by Apple in the release notes for the developer beta that were published last week.

A week after Apple has published the release notes the first developer beta for watchOS 3.2 was brought to the Apple Watch. Soon, the wider rollout will begin, and users are looking forward to try out the new features that will be available on their wearable device.

First of all, the Theater Mode will be different from the Do Not Disturb mode, as it will come into action when wearers will go to theaters and they will not want to disturb other spectators. After activating Do Not Disturb option, notifications no longer appeared on the Apple watch’s screen, but when wearers moved their arm, the screen still lighted up. And this was annoying, especially when others were trying to concentrate on the play. So, in Theater Mode, notifications will stop activating the screen, so unless users will press on in, the display will no longer light up.

Theater Mode will also make the Apple Watch a better sleep tracker, as the screen lighted up when the user was moving while sleeping, and thanks to this new option, the screen will stay off and users’ sleep will not be interrupted anymore.

The second important addition is support for SiriKit. From now on, third party apps will work perfectly with Apple’s digital assistant and users will control them on their Apple Watch. Until now, it was not possible to issue commands within apps using Siri.

Finally, users hope that Apple has taken care of the problems brought by watchOS 3.1.1, which bricked a lot of Apple Watches. Meanwhile, the company has rolled out the developer beta for iOS 10.3, which introduced live cricket score support for Siri and iPhone 7/7 Plus owners will be able to find their misplaced AirPods more easily.